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Here’s a new solo video of me in Orlando… Playtime!!!

Free preview to my latest hot banging scene!!

New phone and mobile WordPress app working again!

Well everybody I was doing so well at blogging but I have been so busy traveling for work, events, filming, and now visiting family for Christmas and hated carrying my old 20 pound laptop that is just outdated and big lol. I was blogging from my cell phone because it was easy, didn’t have to be on laptop, and since I was always on the go and taking pictures with my phone, it was just so much more convenient. Well nonstop texting, many calls, emails, tons of picture taking had literally burned my phone to the ground…yup….it actually gave out on me to where it kept turning off, no sending texts, not charging, and vibrating on its own nonstop lol. I was going crazy not knowing what was going on. I took it in to get it checked out…they told me its no good anymore. I wanted to cry cuz I had so many pictures saved to blog and share but if you follow me on twitter (@Foxxy702) or on Instagram (I’m_Foxxylicious) then you might have seen the past couple months of pictures BUT I always saved extra personal or naughty pictures for my true fans/website members/blog readers. Well after losing pictures I now had to start fresh with pictures and no laptop so had nothing to share and I had sharing a story with no pictures unless its like this, where I rant or express my thoughts and opinions lol. I have been trying to save up to buy a tablet or new lighter updated laptop so I can take with me on my business traveling and on the go so I can blog more and share way more photos.

So being that its Christmas time and I really never ask for anything, I think it would be great to see who loves me enough to donate/purchase me a new UltraBook Convertible (no not a convertible car…I wish I was that special lol)

An UltraBook Convertible is a mix between a notebook laptop that converts into a tablet! An all in one source to be able to blog and work on the go not only for me, but also your enjoyment so I’m able to download photos from a camera not only a phone which takes up phone data/space. Here are my top choices for an UltraBook:

Samsung Series 5

Asus Taichi

Toshiba Satellite U925t

I will even settle for a:

iPad Mini

Nexus 7 tablet

Samsung Note tablet 10.1

It would mean the world to me if one of you special people would grant me this wish 🙂 I will post a special thank you to the one who gets me this gift. In return I will give you a private cam show on Skype, autographed DVD and 8×10 photo along with a worn pair of thongs!

Any gifts (such as UltraBook or smart camera), fan mail, or donations used for photo shoots/filming should be mailed to:

2540 S Maryland Pkwy #134
Las Vegas, NV 89109

I know some of you have gotten lingerie and shoes for me off my Wishlist (search wishlist: TS Foxxy) that want to remain discrete which I respect….thank you!

I love you all and thank you for helping me out!

Hot 3 way with Spencer Fox and newcomer Faustine Lee!

While in LA shooting for a DVD series, I managed to book time with our company fav Nicky Milo.  He told me he had a sweet horror from Miami in town that wanted to shoot with me so I agreed to shoot with her.  The girl’s name was Faustine Lee and she was adorable, Latin and petite just like me 🙂 we had a blast filming and boy does she love transsexuals!  Can’t wait for the scene to come out on my site 🙂   makeup and hair by Red Dodge










This scene had Faustine loving the sex of Spencer and I together on her!  I’m definitely gonna shoot alone with her…she is way too fun!

October 2012 city tour

Hey guys!  Well its time I head to southern California for a quick 2 city visit for work, photo shoot, filming, and tiny bit of fun lol.

Los Angeles,  October 19-21

San Diego,  October 22-26

Hope to see you guys in or from surrounding areas!


A Bed For 3

I have always wanted a 3 sum by 2 men or a ts/man and maybe even 2 woman strapping it on!  Just a fantasy I have waited to fulfill.  I was asked by Tiffany Starr to film a hardcore scene with her and knowing how much she loves to top girls/ts I knew it was time she gave it to me!  I invited Levi Madison, a friend who is also a top and fairly new to the industry and he also wanted to shot with me so I arranged for us to have a 3 sum and be the center piece!  Both with big nice white cock for me, I wanted a hardcore banging scene and I sure did get it!  Think we all were tired, hot, and wore out but the best part was the mad cum shot they both loaded on me!! I don’t think I have ever felt so gooey in my life lol…it will be up this month so stay tuned!






enjoying the candid videos?

for 2 years i have collected tons of candid videos of me and my friends and i also have lost a lot of video due to broken laptops, stolen, or left in hotels or taxis lol…my gosh right! for the past year i retained even more and even more fun and hope nothing will be lost now that it is posted on here for everyone to see!! dont worry i just learned how to finally post them on my own since im not very technical but i did it!! look forward to more video and funny moments with my silly u all..kisses!


Hot “T” on FOXXY……film updates & juicy stories behind the scenes

Well I am back from LA and had a fun couple days of filming and boy was it a fun time!  foxxy n tristanRemember i mentioned a hot scene with my bi bottom buddy Tristan Mathews….well boy was he a cutie and def a sexy bottom with a pretty smile! 

Hhe was very sweet and very good on camera.  he too had few tattoos which is hot to see on a guy, well least i like them lol. 
His lips were so soft and he was a definitely a great kisser and his pretty man hole was just sweet!  it turned out to be a great scene that just flowed into place so cant wait to see the finished scene!!






hottiesI was finally on the set in front of camera for the first time with Kimber James for our first, but not last hot tranny on tranny scene!!  we had good times laughing and talking while we got our make-up and hair done by the beautiful and talented Nancy and i think Nick the photographer was wondering why we were laughing and taking forever.

pretty in pink!! 



Of course he kept calling us just like a father would to hurry, but us two were loving the mirror and taking our own pictures because Nancy just made me look so exotic and sexy by enhancing my natural beauty, so i!  when it was time for us to start shooting, I went from the silly me into model mode and while the music was pumping, the camera began to flash,  we both began to pose as if we were in playboy ha ha was fun and we could not be bothered. 

We definitely were digging each others hot looks and we kissed, licked, and then fucked our way to the end!  it was a long day for her and she was beat, but didn’t stop her from working hard and working with me to bring u our first tranny lesbo scene with each other…i def wanna work more with was fun!!

the day finally came for me to do my first inter-racial scene!   i could never find a smoth black brother ta satisfy me!  ha ha ha, but Nick came across Billy, cimg2003a tall, athletic, sweet, and very sexy black cock for us!  i was anxious to meet him but nervous cuz i knew he was bound to have a cock of death!  when we met i was very happy and wondered what he had in store for me.  i didnt measure but he def had a huge cock that was hard and waiting for me.  he had to have been 10-11 inches!!  he couldnt wait to fuck me!  i swear i felt him punching my bladder when fucking me cuz he made me want to pee myself  ha ha ha!  big dicks like that i enjoy them slow n deep…my cum shot was a surprising glop and never seen myself cum that much!  ur gonna love it!! 



the next day kelly shore and i had  our tranny on tranny scene.  this was gonna be her first tranny scene and my first time bottoming for another tranny so this was really gonna be a fun time!  she was a lil shy at first but i kept her laughing and made her feel comfy.  i think she is so cute and very sweet so i knew we would make a great scene.  i heard she likes to fuck like a jack-rabbit and i sure did find out why lol!  she got me good and i was def surprised on how much she came at the end.  i have never had a tranny cum on my like that ever in my life and it was thick and white, just like my good ole days lol.  that is what  call a finishing touch!  so good we filmed again 2 days later!!!  guess we are official sisters ha ha ha!kellyfox1

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