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Bath tub video

Summer POV fun

I love the summer time in Vegas because tons of conventions and tourists which means I can find hung sex men to suck off for my website.  I love a big thick cock in my mouth, touching my face, rub against my breast, and licking your balls.  Here are a few recent Summer POV videos live on my website just for you.

Summer POV Video 1

Summer POV  Video 2

Versitile Oral POV Fun


So it’s nice to suck a big cock but I also love to have my shecock sucked on.  While traveling I might the cutiest guy who wanted to do a POV video with me.  Well much to my surprise he wasnt shy and really wanted to please me too.  So here you get some mutual oral fun with some nice big cumshots!  So if you want to suck me too then bring it on!  My site is very personal and you will enjoy MANY of my fan POV videos.  Remember Im known as the Vegas Party girl for a reason!


Sucking a very fat cock!


Fresh out of the shower after a nice relaxing day in the hotel when this hot stud fan said he had a big dick.  Well I hear that alot so I asked him to come over and film with me.  So Im getting ready in the bathroom and I hear him playing with the camera when he appears filming me putting my makeup on.  I am chatting when I look down and notice his huge thick white meat, YUM!  Well you know I had to give him special treatment Foxxy style!

Here for some Clips from this Video!

More POV fun with a fan!



Guys keep the emails coming as you never know when Ill be in a city near you with my camera.  So this hottie and his thick cock came over and I had to give him some Foxxy Oral treatment and of course tease him with my big ass.  Remember guys if you want to have fun with me and get a free pass to my website maybe than send me an email with your current photos, location ETC.  Now if you want to fuck my ass we will have to talk further about that.  The above clip is a current POV Fan update on my site, Enjoy.


I love to suck dick!



I love taking my teeth and pulling back your belt to see the bulge in your underwear or even commando.  Take my full lips and massage your growing cock with my tongue.  You dont have to show your face or be a professional model just be able to provide me with a big cock and lots of creamy cum on my tits.  Above is a peek at yet another Fan POV Video I did, so enjoy.

My latest fan oral video!


So this hot business man tells me he wants to see his big cock in my mouth on video.  Well first he had to prove he had a big cock and then step up to the Foxxy test of not cumming too soon.  I loved how his cock felt going deep down my throat, don’t you love when a girl gives you some wrist action?  I also loved how his wet cock felt on my sensitive nipples.  If you love a website with personal touches like this than look NO further.  I love doing these POV (point of view) videos with friends and fans.  So if you think you are big enough or man enough than step up to the camera!


Want to have a threesome with me?


I most def. represent as the party girl in Vegas and always have some of my hot friends with me whether Im hitting the pool, gym, mall or doing the nightclubs and after hours.  This time me and one of my girls found this guy who wanted a hot threesome so I pulled out the camera and caught all the action.  As you see we take turns fucking his ass and mouth!  So if you think you are man enough to take me on and aren’t camera shy then prove it!  As you see from this latest Amateur POV video I will hold you too it.


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